24 February 2009

New inset door styles from Medallion

My dear friends at Medallion Cabinetry have added to their collection of door styles in their Platinum line of inset cabinetry. Inset doors are a traditional form of cabinet making that staging a bit of a comeback. Notice how the doors in these photos sit inside the face frame, rather than attaching to the outside of the frame. Pretty slick.

Medallion rolled out its Platinum line about two years ago after spending years developing it. This is a high quality cabinet, clearly the best value in its class. These Platium door styles are available in Medallion's full range of wood species and can be stained or painted in any of Medallion's many, many colors. If that weren't enough, each of these doors is available as a beaded inset or a plain inset, and with visible or invisible hinges. Confused? Don't be.

You can find a Medallion showroom that's local to you through Medallion's website or you can just ask me any questions you have about these new offerings.

Bayside Cherry inset with exposed finial hinge, Gingersnap stain

Devonshire Cherry inset with hidden hinge, Vinyard glazed finish

Hudson Falls Cherry inset with exposed finial hinge, Pecan Burnish glaze

Newcastle Cherry inset with hidden hinge, Chestnut stain

Picadilly Cherry beaded inset with exposed finial hinge, Brandywine stain

Stockton Maple inset with hidden hinge, Seagrass opaque stain and dry brush finish

Venice Maple beaded inset with hidden hinge, Vinyard glazed finish


  1. Paul, What comes to mind as I scroll down looking at the handsome collection of cabinet doors is to remind the homeowner to measure their dinner plates and make sure the depth of the upper cabinet shelf is adequate in size. Far too many times I have seen or heard of a homeowner who has gone through a kitchen remodel or built their dream home only to move in and discover their dinner plates are too bit and the cabinet door will not close completely. Talk about a killjoy situation!

  2. Yes, I always make sure to have a few 15" deep wall cabinets in my designs. You're correct about the heartbreak of not being able to stack plates in a new kitchen!

  3. I am building a new kitchen for a Showcase Home and looking to use the Medallion line of inset cabinetry. I will use a painted cabinet in a white painted finish and calcutta marble for the main countertops. For the island I plan to use a walnut or teak wood top. I love the look of the Christopher Peacock Scullery Kitchen but it is way out of my price range. I was considering the Santa Cruz door with a beaded inset? Is that a good choice for that type of look, or would one of the new doors like New Castle or Picadilly be a better choice? I also wondered if the Bayside would be a good choice? I am looking for a timeless classis look for this hampton inspired home.

    Any feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Hey there and thanks for the question. Of the white paints we sell, White Chocolate is my favorite. White Chocolate is not a stark white, it has a hint of a sepia tone to it and it goes better with everything while still reading like a white. I applaud your deciding to use Calacatta marble. I have some photos of a job I did with White Chocolate cabinetry and Calacatta marble and it makes me swoon it's so beautiful. If you send me an e-mail to saintpetepaul@gmail.com I'll send some photos to you.

    I like the idea of using New Castle to get the look you're after. It's polished-looking but because it's a flat panel, it's still on the informal side. Bayside and Santa Cruz are essentially the same door, the only difference between the two is that Bayside has a veneer center panel and Santa Cruz is a solid center panel. Since you're using a painted finish, go with the Bayside if you want to go with a Shaker-style door. Paint behaves better on a veneer center panel.

    Have you gone through a Platinum print catalog yet? There are a number of photos of some Christopher Peacock inspired rooms in both the new Platinum catalog and the new Dream Book supplement. Where are you geographically? Do you have a Medallion dealer nearby so you can see these styles?

    But you asked for feedback and I'd say you're on the right track.I LOVE Calacatta marble and combining it with a wood top on the island is inspired! Keep in touch!


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