21 February 2009

Alessi sale! through March 3

It's true, it's true; the design gods at Alessi are having a sale through March third on their online shop as well as at their locations in New York (Soho and Madison Ave.), Chicago and San Francisco.

I've always loved Alessi's sharp design sensibilities and I appreciate their regular embrace of all things whimsical. If you've ever been exposed to Alessi wide range of products, you know what I mean. Seeing a display of their wares always makes me laugh and to walk through an Alessi store is my idea of a toy store for adults with discriminating taste. For my birthday last year, two great friends of mine gave me what's now one of my favorite possessions, the Pisenillo Q-tip holder.

Here's the Pisellino in all its comic loveliness. The word pisellino is Italian slang for the appendage the Pisellino uses to keep the swabs it contains standing up. I get a laugh from it every morning. Grazie mile Alessi!


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