23 February 2009

Check out this great blog

I met a woman named Jamie Goldberg through Facebook over the weekend and Jamie's a Tampa-based kitchen and bath designer with a thriving practice and a blog to boot. I'm telling you, that Facebook thing continues to amaze me. Anyhow, I've been reading over Jamie's blog and she has some really great ideas and advice. Give her a read, her most recent post in particular --Kitchen and Bath Remodeling FAQs. She blends practical advice with a sense of humor and anybody offering that is a welcome addition to my blog roll. Here's an excerpt: 
Q. How long will the remodel take?

This is a three-part answer that has nothing to do with 30-minute HGTV shows.

Part one is the planning/designing/shopping process. This will depend on your availability, as well as your designer's or architect's. It will also depend on the complexity of the project. In some instances, you're keeping your existing appliances, so you don't need to spend time choosing and shopping for new ones. That can certainly shave days or weeks off the process. In other instances, you're opting for a complex wall and floor tile design. This can add days, in terms of choosing each element of the design and approving layouts. Typically, a full-scale kitchen or bath remodel will take two to three months to plan, including showroom visits, design plan and revisions, contractor bid preparation and consultations.

Part two is ordering your selected materials. Cabinetry can take from two weeks to 12 weeks to arrive, depending on whether they're stock or custom. Special order tile from overseas can take weeks, as well. If you're not planning major structural changes, you can wait until the new cabinets arrive and are inspected before tearing out your old ones.

Part three is the actual on-site work. This will vary from days to weeks, depending on the extent of work to be performed. Your contractor can (and should!) advise you on the time line in advance. Chances are, by the time the project is completed, you'll be about four to eight months later than when you wrote your first check, longer for major additions.

Bravo Jamie and welcome to both my blogroll and my Friends List.

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