01 March 2009

I will never draw by hand again

This is a studio apartment by Surya Murali.

This is a willow tree by Beibel.

This is the Trevi Fountain by Antonino G.

Here's an office with an Eames Lounger and a Noguchi table by SmartFurniture.com

All of the images above were created in Google's SketchUp and uploaded to Google's 3-D Warehouse for use by anyone anywhere. I've mentioned my appreciation for Google's SketchUp a number of times, but recent events have awoken a missionary's zeal in me.

If you're a homeowner and you're interested in playing around with the floor plan of your house, download SketchUp and once you master some very basic concepts, you'll be modeling in three dimensions before you know it.

If you're a professional who needs to plan spaces and create construction or production documents, then SketchUp's for you too. Download the free version, master the skills and then upgrade to the Pro version so you can crank out measured plans and eye-popping presentations.

SketchUp is a rendering and modeling program and by itself it's a wonder. However, the software that sits on your hard drive is only half of the equation. SketchUp has a companion online library called the 3-D Warehouse that contains hundreds of thousands of models and components that you can select and download directly into the model you're working on. So if you want to see what a Design Within Reach sofa would look like in your living room, create the walls of your living room and then download a model of the sofa you're interested in. Bam! Instant preview.

SketchUp's training videos are easy to follow and are a perfect way to learn how to use this amazing software. So what are you waiting for? Go download it now!

And this is my friend Eric's self-portrait.


  1. I love Sketch-Up. I use it all the time. I am amazed at the capabilities. Look at this great Sketch-Up fly Through: http://www.mkd-arc.com/homes/breezehouse/video.php

  2. Hurray! I'm glad I'm not the only to see how incredible a tool it is. They're coming to KBIS this year so kitchen designers take note!


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