09 March 2009

Jennifer Squires' new winter series

Jennifer Squires, the great photographer I've written about before here, here, here, and here; is back with a new winter series.

Contemplative is a good word to desribe her new work. I live in a warm climate, and for the most part winter is something I see on TV. That's not a complaint. However, I grew up in a cold climate and I remember winter all too well. I always hated being cold and frankly, that's what led me to a life in Florida. The part of winter that I never thought about when it was my reality was the quiet, contemplative nature of it.

Life here in the land of endless summer never slows down. Since it's unwaveringly sunny and warm, there's no compelling reason to pull back the reins and curl up on the sofa. In a true winter, life eases up and turns inward. Part of me misses that. Jennifer's winter series brings me back to that introspective time. There's a beauty in this severity, the orchard photographs particularly.

Jennifer's photography does what all art does; it forces me to look at an object or a scene and see what the artist sees. In so doing I get a look into the mind of the artist and at the same time see a part of myself that I didn't see before. Bravo!

Jennifer's photography can be found on her website, Jennifer Squires Productions,  and on her Etsy shop.


  1. One could be mesmerized by staring at these photographs. In the first photograph, I visualize the tree trunk as a human body with its hips swaying back and forth and the upper branches are arms extended upward waving back and forth... all to music!

  2. Jennifer does amazing work Susan, check out her whole collection on her Etsy shop.

  3. I've often dreamt of sneaking off to the land of endless summer, especially with the long winter we had this year! Thanks so much for showing my work!


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  4. As always Jennifer, it's a pleasure. It looks like you gained a new fan in my reader Susan today too.

  5. Beautiful, the photographs look so Surreal.

  6. Thanks M and welcome to my blog. I just popped over to yours and you have a really great blog! I will give it a more thorough look tonight when I get home. I'm especially fond of that Coco Chanel quote. I agree wholeheartedly!

  7. Paul, my comment was directed at the second photograph, though I referred to the first one in my comment. ...susan


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