15 March 2009

This is a fun new Internet thing

And yet another cool way to plug my contest. May I present an original production of The Guy in the Uninspired Kitchen. Just like Barbra did with Yentl; I wrote it, directed it, produced it and a cartoon version of me starred in it. However, I'm sad to report that my stirring cover of Papa Can You Hear Me ended up on the cutting room floor.


  1. What a fun way to promote your contest!

  2. Xtranormal, the animation site I used to put that together is an amazing thing. Amazing.

  3. Lol It looks great!
    Fantastic way to promote the contest.

  4. Thank you M and thank you Laurie, put one together for yourselves, that service is a riot!

  5. That's fun :-) I have to go play with it!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies


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