27 March 2009

LED Light Reviews

Justin Thomas, the guy behind the blog MetaEfficient: The Guide To Highly Efficient Things just launched a sister site to the original MetaEfficient. The new site is LED Light Reviews and it's dedicated to LED lighting exclusively.

I read MetaEfficient pretty religiously, but then again I have a thing for efficiency. Want to win my undying devotion? Tell me that I'm efficient and I'm putty in your hands.

LED are not new, but they are getting a lot of attention as the technology behind them improves. LEDs are highly efficient; they use very little power, produce more light and have no moving parts. Make no mistake, LEDs are the future of lighting. The quality and color of light they produce can be rather hit or miss though. Justin's new site features no-nonsense product reviews for all things LED. Getting ready to replace some lighting? Think about making the switch to LEDs.


  1. I'm very enthused about the Philips light. The only thing I want to see is the light spread since LED lights only what's under it, and doesn't light the room the way fluorescent or incandescent does. (My pet reserve.) Butbutbut! No mercury is for the win, I think.

  2. Keep your eyes on that site. The no mercury aspect of LED is bound to make it the final word in lighting.


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