02 March 2009

What's your creative type?

I found this quiz when I was reading the blog This Young House last night. It's interesting if only because it pegged me pretty squarely as a Realist. 
You love getting creative but you don't like the chaos that sometimes comes with arty pursuits. You're a deep thinker --with a strong conceptual grounding to whatever it is that you do --and so you feel most comfortable if you can express yourself within an ordered structure. You are probably quite a realist at heart and your creativity seems to be rooted in this pragmatic view of the world.

You like to get fully involved in projects, from the initial thinking to the finished product. You're there for the whole story.
I'm curious to know if this thing pegs anybody else as well as it did me. It takes about two minutes to run through this quiz and what better day than a Monday to waste some time on mindless quizzes, right? Anyhow, if you take the quiz leave a comment here with your result and how closely you think this quiz came to summarizing your creative style.

So take the quiz here. It starts with the question, "Red is..." and has you pick a photo that embodies red to you. The rest of the exercise flows form there. 


  1. Yes, it pegged me! Thanks for sharing this test.

  2. I heard from another reader who swears it got her number too. As a side note, I keep hearing that people are running into difficulties as they try to leave comments here. Anybody else had a problem?

  3. Wow. This test is good!! It got me totally right -- "Hands On -- For you, creativity is all about getting physical. You like to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in..."


    Kelly @ DesignTies

  4. Kelly, you're the second "Hands On" I've heard about today. Bravo!

  5. "Eyes Wide Open"

    ...your strength lies in your unique perspective, meaning you have the eye for taking something old and turning it around to offer something fresh and new.


    Ok, maybe there was some truth to this. *eyedart*

  6. Hah hah! I'm still wearing my Realist title as a badge of honor. Or should that be honour in deference to my Canadian readers and participants? :)

  7. Now you're learning how to spell!!!!! ;-)

    Although I'm a diehard "ou" girl, I can't bring myself to say the Canadian "zed" for Z. It's "zee" for me!! :-)


  8. I spent my summers in Ontario when I was a kid so I guess I come by "ou" honestly. That and I'm occasionally overcome by a craving for butter tarts.


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