03 March 2009

Design online

OK gang, here's the deal. I've been thinking about this for a while and have done a couple of casual dry runs so here it is: I'm officially announcing my online services. 

I'll get a separate website up and running for this venture eventually, but for now I'm going to work it out of here. There will be an ad for Online Services over in the right column that will jump back to this posting, so should the need arise you'll always know how this works.

My services will include:
  • 3-D color renderings from a variety of perspectives
  • A materials list and presentation board (electronic)
  • A shopping list
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Phone and e-mail support
  • My tireless enthusiasm

What I'll need from you are photos and dimensions of every wall in the room you want me to work on. We'll also need to discuss the direction you'd like to go and the budget you have in mind. So if you're ready, pop me an e-mail and we'll get started.

Now about that fee... I put together a fee schedule. I reserve the right to alter this as needed and in exchange, I authorize you to make me an offer. I will invoice you for the fee via PayPal once we reach an agreement to proceed. Here goes:
  • Foyer $325
  • Bathroom  $325
  • Living Room $450
  • Bedroom  $450
  • Kitchen $500
  • Dining Room  $400
  • Home Office   $450

I believe in this, and frankly I think I'm on to something. Get in while the getting's good is all I have to say. 

And in the meantime, I remain more than happy to answer questions and weigh in with my opinion. Correspondence with my readers is one of my favorite perks to having a blog. Now and forever, it is never an imposition.


  1. Good luck with your new venture -- I think you're onto something here!!

    And, good luck with our giveaway -- thanks for participating!! :-)


  2. Thanks Kelly, I've been kicking myself for this post all morning. Part of me thinks its crass that I mentioned a fee schedule, but a more pragmatic part of me thinks it's a good idea to put it out there. All will be revealed over time, that's how it usually works. Right?

  3. Paul, Wishing you great success in your new venture. I think putting out the fee schedule is fine. As you know, the two most often asked questions in home remodeling or building are: How long will this take? & How much will this cost?

  4. Thanks Susan I appreciate your vote of confidence.

  5. Nothing wrong with including the fee schedule. Like Susan said, anyone who's interested is going to ask how much it'll cost anyway, and anyone who isn't interested won't care whether or not it's there!!

    If it's REALLY bothering you, you could always do a quick little edit job... :-)



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