08 November 2010

A new, new Tolomeo. Sort of.

I present for your consideration the Tolomeo lamp.

Tolomeo was designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina in 1986 for the Artemide company. The took the articulated architect's lamp and raised the design quotient by a couple of notches. The Tolomeo launched a renewed interest in the shape of an articulated desk lamp and 24 years after De Lucchi and Fassina unleashed the original Tolomeo, everybody it seems has a version of it floating around out there.

In 2006, Philippe Starck designed a series of Tolomeo-inspired articulated lamps for FLOS, and Starck called the series Archimoon.

Well Starck and FLOS just joined forces with another German company, Dedon to breathe some new life into the Archimoon series.

I love the Archimoon Grande outdoor and the addition of the Dedon flourish really throws these lamps over the edge. Dedon makes exquisite rattan furniture and shades and the use of a natural shade with this mechanical lamp is a winner all around.

That patio in Chelsea's not hurting matters either.

So I ask you, is this an homage to the Tolomeo or is it a knock off?

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  1. For the desk lamp version, the Antifoni at IKEA (for only $29.95) is pretty nice light obviously influenced by the Tolomeo.


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