07 November 2010

I am in da Houzz and what that means exactly

On Friday night I posted a quickie post titled "I am in da Houzz." What a meant by that is that I'm now a regular contributor to the website Houzz. If you're not familiar with Houzz, go check it out. It's sort of like a clip file on steroids. There are more than 60,000 photos in their archives. Photos of interiors, exteriors, furniture, lighting, kitchens, baths, dining rooms and much, much more. The key to Houzz is that all of those photos are uploaded by the many thousand members of the Houzz community. Designers can join for free to show off their work and homeowners and design buffs can join for free to get ideas. It's pretty slick.

Designers, all of your photos get an indelible copyright line and right clicks have been disabled. Anyone who embeds your photo in another website can't lose the embedded copyright line or the link. So your work and your ideas are safeguarded.

Homeowners, if you're looking for ideas, you can set up your own scrap books and idea files. You can communicate directly with the designers of what you admire if you'd like to or you can remain completely anonymous.

Best of all, it's all free.

So take a moment to take a look at Houzz if you haven't already and feel free to leave me a comment on my chandelier feature. Just follow the link below.


  1. houzz is a great resource, and your feature on chandeliers in the kitchen is just great. lighting is like the jewelry of good decor, and nothing is sadder to me then a lost opportunity to up the glamour quotient of a kitchen by adding a beautiful chandelier or pendant (when space and layout, permit of course). one can't live by can lights alone!

  2. Thanks Christian, that means a lot coming from you. Really. I see you as this great LA designer (which you are). If you have any projects you want me to feature on Houzz let me know.

  3. Congrats Paul!
    I love the Houzz website and I look forward to reading your articles.
    Your chandelier feature was fantastic.

  4. Thanks Steph. Does Granite Gurus have a profile set up on Houzz? You guys ought to post some of your work...

  5. We don't. I'm on there all the time and honestly I didn't think of it until I read your post today. I think I'll get on that, especially because of the credit for the pictures. I see my job pictures on other websites quite a bit without any mention of us, so it would be nice to have that embedded.

  6. Please! And let me know when you get some loaded Steph, I'll use them in an upcoming front page story.


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