05 November 2010

Counters to go with the kitchen that Henrybuilt

Almost a year ago I wrote a post about Viola Park, a new semi-custom cabinet line from amazingly custom cabinet maker Henrybuilt. A year later and my fondness for Viola Park remains as does Henrybuilt's commitment to bringing great design to more people.

Recently, Viola Park has added a series of counters to go with their semi custom kitchens and by combining a counter order with cabinet order, it's possible for someone to streamline their renovation process and save some money at the same time.

Because the counters are made to go with the kitchen design at the Henrybuilt factory in Seattle, all of the edges can be finished and the overhangs calculated ahead of time. Any corners are also machined and ready to be installed upon delivery.

Most intelligently, the rear edges of the counters are left unfinished so that they can be scribed against an uneven wall in the field if need be.

The materials in Viola Park's counter program are part of the program due to their high quality and longevity but also due to their relative ease in installation.

It's a really smart idea and it's being executed very well.

Viola Park is only available from Viola Park directly. If you're interested in a Viola Park kitchen, I encourage you to contact them through their website. Viola Park's dedicated project coordinators are waiting to answer your questions and help you get started on their process.

As I said a year ago and so so again today, bravo Viola Park.


  1. ugh, I so want that countertop with the built in drainrack! That is such a great innovation!

  2. That's not a difficult trick to pull off actually, though they are rarely cheap. You can add integrated drainboards to just about any solid material. Itching to start a renovation?

  3. Well, OK. I love HenryBuilt and did a blog on them myself some time back. However, I cannot say that I am all that big on their countertops. But that's just me!

  4. I have to say that I'm intrigued by their idea. The cabinetry business is in for a seismic shift over the next five to ten years and Henrybuilt is onto something with Viola Park.

  5. Sure Paul, except that I don't own my townhome. I am DYING to even just paint in there though.. My kitchen is really quite terrible too. It's too bad, it's a decent place, great location. Just needs upgrades (and a full kitchen reno)

  6. Well, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Set yourself free with the paint I say.

  7. Well finally, some real common sense. Easy streamline installation .... long overdue. They have my vote too.


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