10 November 2010

Delta Faucet's TV ads keep raising the bar

Man, I remember singing along to this movie's title song like it was yesterday.

Although I have to admit Rose Royce's 1976 mega hit didn't exactly have staying power. Almost as soon as it peaked it went away to make room for Mary MacgGregor's Torn Between Two Lovers. I'll stop now before I date myself even further.

Anyhow, last year's ad for Delta Faucet's Pilar by Leo Burnett still gets my heart pumping.

Delta's follow up this year (also by Leo Burnett) is for the In2ition Shower and it breathes new life into Rose Royce's one and only chart topper to terrific effect.

Have you seen it?

I love the effects in addition to jiving to the theme song.

Here's how they did it.

Pretty slick Delta, good job! Check out the Rest of Delta's offerings on their website.


  1. These are some cool videos; thank you for sharing them. I remember Susan Fisher from our trip back to Delta headquarters in August. It truly is a most dynamic company.

  2. What fun! And, sooo easy on the eyes. I want a Delta faucet.

  3. Boy I'll say that new one's easy on the eyes. :)

  4. That one's cooler than cat spit.

  5. That's more like it. Call me crazy but I think it's kind of erotic...

  6. They've done a great job in advertising their products.


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