18 November 2010

Delta Faucet wants to take a shower with you

Last week, I wrote a post about Delta Faucet's new TV spot that I think is so clever. Here it is again:

Well, that ad for the In2ition is part of a larger campaign and this week, Delta Faucet unveiled a new interactive game that's built around that TV spot.

The game is called Wash the Day Away and you can find it here. In Wash the Day Away, there are six characters and successive game play will unlock two more.

Once you pick a character, he or she proceeds over to the shower. Now it's game time. In this case, it's the Dad.

The game lasts for three rounds and in each round, the player's confronted with a clothed body part. The goal is to wash away as much of the character's clothing as possible in ten seconds.

Don't worry, it's all safe for prime time. Dad even clips his chest hair. Seriously! Look for yourself!

Once the player makes it through three rounds, the percentage of clothing washed away will determine how many chances the player gets for an instant win.

Players can play Wash the Day Away as many times as they'd like, but once a day a player will get the chance to go for an instant win. The instant win round is pretty cool and if you want to see it, then head on over to Delta Faucet's website.

The instant win prize is an In2ition combination shower head of course, and there will be one prize awarded for each of the 52 days that the contest is running.

So play early and play often. For the second time in a week I have this to say, well played Delta, well played.


  1. No chest hair? I don't think I want to play then :(

    But seriously, that's really cool. Very clever marketing on Delta's part!

  2. Just stubble Nim, maybe they'll take requests for the next round. Clive Owen maybe?

  3. Ew chest stubble :(

    Clive Owen would be a huge improvement, but didn't you hear that Ryan Reynolds is the sexiest man alive?


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