01 November 2010

Join me for four Social Media seminars that start this week

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Beginning this week, I am joining forces with CEA Marketing in Clearwater to host a series of social media seminars. These seminars are geared specifically to small and mid-size businesses and offer four, separate classes covering the various aspects of how these businesses can get started and be successful from the start. Join me in presenting these seminars is CEA Marketing's Kelly Bosetti.

The first seminar is this Friday, 5 November and it runs from 8am to 5pm. The first seminar starts with an introduction to social media in general and then goes on to explore and discuss Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

The second seminar will be Friday, 19 November and it runs from 8am to 5pm. The second seminar in our series will cover LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogs, Flickr and Groupon.

The first two seminars make up our introduction to social media curriculum.

The second two classes are our intermediate and advanced social media curriculum. That starts with out thrid seminar. The third seminar will be held Friday, 3 December and it will run from 8am to 5pm. The third seminar discusses advanced strategies, generating a profit and building a fan base.

The fourth and final seminar will take place Friday, 10 December and it too runs from 8am to 5pm. The fourth seminar will discuss strategies to track results and further engage your audience.

Each seminar costs $150 but there are price breaks as follows.

The first seminar costs $150 and if you register for the first two the combined total is $250. That covers the entire introductory curriculum.

The third seminar costs $150 and if you register for seminars three and four at the same time, their combined cost is $250. That covers the intermediate and advanced curricula.

If you want to register for the entire series, that costs $400 and represents a $200 savings over registering for the four seminars separately.

You can find more information and registration forms on our seminar splash page here.

If you're in the greater Tampa area and you're wondering how to get in on the social media revolution, here's your chance to learn about it from two seasoned pros. This is hands-on, practical training and participants are urged to bring a wireless-enabled laptop so we can started being social during the class itself.


  1. Social media is huge, and just keeps getting bigger. I have some decorator friends who are reluctant to start blogs, and I keep telling them they NEED blogs. Blogs are such an important part of an overall marketing plan, and a great way to connect and interact with other decorators & designers.

    Have fun teaching the seminars :-)


  2. Hilarious. Not your comment of course, but I just wrote you an e-mail. Great minds Kelly, great minds...

    Yes, your decorator and designer friends who are on the fence need blogs. They need them desperately. Put 'em in touch with me and I'll set 'em straight.


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