10 November 2010

Miele announces a new line of dish cleaning products

Miele, maker of the dishwasher series ranked highest in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power and Associates, introduces the innovative Miele Care Collection™ II series (for dish care) which includes three new products: phosphate-free dishwasher tabs, a powerful rinse aid and specially formulated softening salt engineered to spotlessly clean and preserve dishes, flatware, utensils, crystal, glassware and more. The new generation Miele Care Collection™ II dishwasher tabs combine a special glass guard formula, water softening salt and a sustainable cleansing agent to provide exceptional results and advanced protection, even with heavy soiling. The series is complete with Care Collection™ II rinse aid and water softening salt which go even further to enhance performance - especially for sparkling glasses and perfect drying results.

"Miele is known the world over for manufacturing the ultimate dishwasher, but you don't need to own a Miele to use our extraordinary dish care products," states Paul McCormack, Spokesperson for Miele. "These products are made to protect your dishes and glassware while safeguarding our environment. With so many states banning phosphates, it's important to consider your dishwashing options. You want a name you can trust to get your dishes and glassware safely clean and sparkling. Taking care of the environment without compromising performance is not new for Miele. And what good is using a detergent that doesn't work as promised? When homeowners do not get the results they expect, they will waste water pre-rinsing versus changing detergents or even their dishwasher. About 20 gallons of water is wasted pre-rinsing per dishwasher load," explains McCormack.

Miele's new dish cleaning products are available from Miele's website and at select retailers nationwide.

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