15 November 2010

Keep a hand on the soap

Meet my new soap dish.

Well, it's not mine yet but I know for a fact that Santa reads my blog.

It's a beautiful object and it's just creepy enough to be interesting. It's made by Galassia in the tiny town of Corchiano, Italy.

But I have a history with these sorts of things.

Meet my toothbrush holder.

I use an electric toothbrush so now it's my dental tool holder, but you get the point.

I bought that at an artist's garage sale almost 15 years ago and I know nothing about it other than it cost $5. I think it's cool. The cracks on it are from when I dropped it ten years ago. They give it character but I'd trade in all that character for a new foot in a heartbeat.

I think my foot's lonely and it needs a hand to hold the soap.


  1. OMG, the foot AND the hand are totally creepy! But fun too :-) My brother can stretch out his toes like that - always freaks me out!

    If I ever come across a foot toothbrush holder, I'll let you know :-)


  2. Oh I can spread my toes too, I think that's what led me to that toothbrush holder in the first place. Have a great birthday today Kelly.

  3. Oh Paul... it IS creepy

  4. Actually, the manufacturer suggest hanging it over a bidet. Now that's creepy.

  5. I love it. Reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from Willy Wonka.

  6. I love it! I love adding a sense of humor to the home.

  7. It is kind of Wonka-ish Melody. Didn't he have hands as a coat rack in the 1971 movie?

    Steph: Whimsy rules!

  8. Sure did. And they grabbed the coats as the horrid little brats went to hang them.

  9. It's creepy. Where's the mime that goes with it? Can it do back massages? Then I might like it better.

  10. Melody: I'll bet a collection of those things couple make a terrific coat rack. Pity it's not animated.

    Alexandra: It's the creepiness that makes it so appealing. If it did back massages I'd never leave the house.

  11. It's kind of an 'Adam's Family' 'thing'.


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