15 November 2010

Keep a hand on the soap

Meet my new soap dish.

Well, it's not mine yet but I know for a fact that Santa reads my blog.

It's a beautiful object and it's just creepy enough to be interesting. It's made by Galassia in the tiny town of Corchiano, Italy.

But I have a history with these sorts of things.

Meet my toothbrush holder.

I use an electric toothbrush so now it's my dental tool holder, but you get the point.

I bought that at an artist's garage sale almost 15 years ago and I know nothing about it other than it cost $5. I think it's cool. The cracks on it are from when I dropped it ten years ago. They give it character but I'd trade in all that character for a new foot in a heartbeat.

I think my foot's lonely and it needs a hand to hold the soap.


  1. OMG, the foot AND the hand are totally creepy! But fun too :-) My brother can stretch out his toes like that - always freaks me out!

    If I ever come across a foot toothbrush holder, I'll let you know :-)


  2. Oh I can spread my toes too, I think that's what led me to that toothbrush holder in the first place. Have a great birthday today Kelly.

  3. Oh Paul... it IS creepy

  4. Actually, the manufacturer suggest hanging it over a bidet. Now that's creepy.

  5. I love it. Reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from Willy Wonka.

  6. I love it! I love adding a sense of humor to the home.

  7. It is kind of Wonka-ish Melody. Didn't he have hands as a coat rack in the 1971 movie?

    Steph: Whimsy rules!

  8. It's creepy. Where's the mime that goes with it? Can it do back massages? Then I might like it better.

  9. Melody: I'll bet a collection of those things couple make a terrific coat rack. Pity it's not animated.

    Alexandra: It's the creepiness that makes it so appealing. If it did back massages I'd never leave the house.

  10. It's kind of an 'Adam's Family' 'thing'.


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