12 November 2010

Interesting mosaics from VetroVivo

VetroVivo is an Italian company with a new idea.

Their mosaics made their debut at Cersaie this year and I just found out about them the other day.

Their glass mosaics come in 18 individual shapes and there are 53 colors available in the entire collection. These mosaics have to be designed and they have to be set piece by piece.

It's an interesting idea and I like the fact that the grout plays as big a role in the appearance of these mosaics as do the glass pieces.

But in order to pull off some of the designs shown on their website, you'd end up skim coating an entire wall or surface with grout. You'd use a sanded grout obviously but I'm left wondering how well  wide swaths of skim-coated grout hold up to use and time.

Aside from that, these mosaics are really beautiful. Don't you think?

Would you install these VetroVivo mosaics in your own home?


  1. These tiles just make me happy...which of course should be considered the highest compliment in design right? Thanks for posting!

  2. Paul,
    It's great to see VetroVivo on your blog. I met the N. American rep, Massimo Barbieri, about a year ago. He gave me a handful of the tiles as samples and I've been dying to incorporate them into my work somehow. Each one is like a little sculpture. Perhaps another dress - but this time, life-sized to accommodate all those gold leaf leaves cascading....hmmm.

  3. Jocelyn: Thanks for your comment and welcome to K&RD. And yes, happy making is pretty much the ultimate compliment for a design.

    Julie: I'd love to see these things in person and one of your three dimensional mosaics rendered int hem is almost too much to bear. I'm happy to hear they have a North American rep, I'd love to see these things take off in a big way.

  4. I like the depth and reflective qualities of the tiles. They look metallic in the photos as well. First time I've seen these. Thanks Paul, for the heads up!

  5. The glass tiles are sweet, but you're right about that tricky installation issue. Grout really isn't a surfacing material.

  6. Mark: Thanks for the comment, it's some pretty wild stuff.

    George: I wonder what an installer would think of these things.

  7. Loving these tiles. Imagine the time it would take to complete an installation if you have to carefully place each and every tile to perfection. It's beautiful nonetheless. I love coming here - great info Paul!!!


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