27 October 2009

Silestone adds life

I was at my favorite counter top fabricator yesterday. Finding an interesting stone to use in a bath project I have cooking. I found the stone I was after, and then went into my rep Kelly's office to review some of the other projects I have in the works right now. While I was in there, I came across some Silestone samples in colors I'd never seen before.

At some point over the summer, Silestone introduced a six-color palette they're calling Life. I was really taken aback by them. I never think of Silestone when I'm thinking about edgy colors for a counter. Although I'm sure I will now. Kelly very diplomatically referred to the Life series as very "taste specific" and they are definitely that. I think it's interesting that in a time of a dramatic downturn in the housing and renovation industries, Consentino (the parent company of Silestone) decided to go wild with color instead of the expected darks and neutrals. Well bully for them. So without further ado, here they are:







So what do you think? Would you ever use any of these colors for a counter in your home?


  1. In a negative economy I think it's a sign of our hope that we are drawn to cheerful splashes of color. These would be fun for a bath vanity, especially for kids; office or craft room; a bold kitchen backsplash! Thanks Paul! Good to know.

  2. That's the exact thought I had. This palette was rolled out in early summer and it was at the low point of the housing market here and probably the rest of the country too. Bravo to Silestone for taking a risk and attempting to turn the tide.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Funny you should bring this up. I sat back last night to watch TLC channel, the show where Kate answers your most compelling questions about the show, the kids, the drama. I always watch shows and wind up critiquing the sets, the staging and so forth.

    I actually admired the use of the color that looks like "Dream" as the paint color on her Q & A set. They used a white slip covered love seat with that punch of tangerine glow as the back drop color on the wall behind her and it looked great.

  4. I can see that color more readily on a wall than I can a counter. Although if I think about it long and hard I'm sure that I could put together a room that could handle it.

  5. YES, I would use those for counters in my home!! I love bright colours -- they're so cheery and fun to look at :-)

    Plus I bet the Silestone people are better to work with than the granite yahoos we're dealing with *GROAN*


  6. Needless to day, the purple one reminded me of you Kelly. Oh, and I've been working on an e-mail response to you and Brian regarding your own granite mess. I have never heard of the kind of run around you're getting with your counters. It's beyond the pale, really. Does Ontario have anything like a Consumer Protection Agency?

  7. I just checked -- yep, we have a consumer protection agency here. We'll have to submit a written complaint to the business before we can file a complaint with the CPA.

    I'm just so completely disgusted with these morons -- the guy who promised that he'd call me today never did. Not that I'm surprised, that's pretty much what I expected.

    I do love the purple Silestone :-) I'm also really diggin' the green and blue ones :-)


  8. You have to see these color samples in real life, they are the colors you'd find in a box of Popsicles. Really.

    I'm glad to hear you guys have a CPA. Explain to the yahoos who did your counters that you are filing a complaint and then start writing. The delays and lack of communication were bad enough, but to have done a lousy job on top of it is too much.

  9. I'm not sure I would do it, but if I did, I'd feel less guilty about changing them in 10 years than I would changing out granite.

  10. They cost more than most granites. I think it would kill me more than tearing out granite!


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