09 October 2009

Long distance design

A reader contacted me the other day to ask if I'd be willing to work with him and his wife on a house they're building. They are in another part of Florida entirely and there is no budget to pay for me to do any of the work on site. Instead, we're doing all of this over the Internet. It's amazing what can be done with a .pdf of a set of building plans and some digital photos of the site. Such times are these!

This is not the first remote job I've done and I like working this way. The people I work with benefit from a reduced fee schedule and I benefit for obvious reasons. It's a win win.

So if you're a reader, even one blown in by the winds of a Google search, and you've thought to yourself "Gee, I wish I could hire this guy," the answer is yes you can. Thank you Dustin and Robyn and I'm psyched to get started.


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