22 October 2009

Happy birthday Gram

This was my Grandmother, Guellma Gevene Flowers-Smith-Stewart and today would have been her 104th birthday. Of the many people who played a significant role in my life, none loom larger than Gevene. The older I get the more I see her in me. And the older I get too, the more I see just how great a thing that is.

She loved life and embraced it, warts and all, with a passion and an energy that makes me marvel even now. In the photo above, she's playing with her first great-grand daughter. Oh how she loved that baby. I remember when that photo was taken, I was standing right there. It really doesn't feel like it was very long ago, but I suppose it was. The baby in that photo got married a year ago and she and her husband are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a baby of their own.

Somehow, somewhere, Guellma Gevene Flowers-Smith-Stewart is ecstatic.


  1. What a lovely tribute to your grandma :-) Happy 104th, Grandma Gevene!!

    My Grandma Lena was one of the most important people in my life. A month after she had a stroke that paralyzed her right side, she was my Matron of Honour at my wedding -- I had to have her there with me, just as we'd planned months earlier :-)


  2. Thanks Kelly, if she were still around I have a feeling you two would get along.

  3. Kudos to you for remembering your grandma. My grandma (Beryl Lucile Spar Ennis) was my favorite. I will always relish that I was her favorite too. She'd be 89 if she'd lived but unfortunately passed way too early. I think of her often. We liked to play Yhatzee.

  4. Three cheers for grandmothers!


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