17 October 2009

Bring me a Power Mat

An increasingly important consideration I have to take when I'm putting together a design for somebody's kitchen is where to put the chargers? I dislike cluttering up my designs with an assortment of wall warts, so usually I bury a cluster of outlets inside of a wall cabinets. That way, people can plug in their chargers and then just shut the door. This works when I have enough room to make one of these impromptu charging stations. A lot of times though, storage space is a premium and I can't spare the room for a buried charging station.

Enter the Powermat. Check it out.

The iPhone will lie down with the Blackberry... Cool! That Powermat can charge three devices at one time and it has a single, streamlined plug. Brilliant. It looks good too. I wouldn't mind something like this sitting on a counter in the least. Here's a video tour of the new must-have in every kitchen I design from now on. At $99, who can argue?.

It really does make that sound when it engages. I know what I'm buying myself this Christmas.

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  1. So I just wanted to say that this is a great Xmas gift. Most def picking one up! Good find.


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