06 October 2009

Sherwin-Williams' color forecast for 2010, part one

Well since it's October already, that can only mean one thing, it's time for out pals at Sherwin-Williams to roll out their color forecasts for next year. As they are wont, the color team at Sherwin-Williams has come out with four primary palettes. These are by no means definitive, but are meant to act as a springboard for designers to take and personalize these palettes.

I see a lot of these forecasted trends happening already and I'd say that Sherwin-Williams is right on. For the next couple of days, I'm going to run their selected palettes. First up is what they're calling Rooted. Here's what they're saying is the ethos behind it:
mystery, enduring, natural

It's human instinct to seek the safety of the tribe. In today's complicated world, there's something deeply satisfying about re-exploring the world's oldest, most enduring cultures. African, Aboriginal and Native American influences are converging to create a new tribal style with a drumbeat all its own. The colors are rich and earthy, with a hint of mystery. The appeal is as natural as the elements.

Oceanside SW 6496

Foothills SW 7514

Nomadic Desert SW 6107

Darkroom SW 7083

Rookwood Amber SW 2817

Red Tomato SW 6607

While no one's suggesting that you paint your house in this palette exactly, what do you think of these colors?

Images and color swatches from Sherwin-Williams


  1. I like 'em :-) Just Rockwood Amber doesn't appeal to me too much, but then I'm not a yellow/gold person. It does look good in the palette, though -- I think the palette needs the brightness of the amber colour.

    Looking forward to seeing the other SW palettes :-)


    P.S. Have you ever used SW Pennywise SW6349??

  2. Pennywise was one of last year's hot colors in SW's Bollywood prediction. I have never used it, but that's just from a lack of opportunity to do so. Computer monitors are a lousy way to preview color, in real life Rockwood Amber is more orange that it appears to me here. Its inclusion here tells me that after a two or three year absence, orange is set to stage yet another comeback. Ever notice that? Orange tends to fade away for a year or two but always makes it back to these predictions.

    Just wait until tomorrow's installment. "Rooted" is the least interesting of the four palettes I'm going to write about. Woo hoo!

  3. On my monitor, I love darkroom. That means nothing about how it might look on my wall, though. :)

  4. Darkroom looks a lot like the Warm Stone I have on my office wall --on my monitor. In life though, they are a wee bit off.

  5. African, aboriginal, and native american sound like a good idea. And love tomato red. I like to pull in colors that reflect our travels to India and Thailand, and that's the other direction I've been thinking about for my kitchen and remodel. As much as I like the idea of "rooted" these colors aren't quite what I had in mind when I thought about Thai/Indian influences. I guess I'm rooted on the wrong continent.

  6. Sherwin-Williams has been including a world cultures palette in each of the predictions they've made for the last few years. I like this one, not so much for the colors themselves, but for what they represent. And the photo that accompanies this collection is fantastic.

  7. For the most par, I like this pallet - particularly Red Tomato, Rockwood Amber and Darkroom. Not too sure about Nomadic Desert and Foothills... they seem to have a pinky undertone. It could be reading that way because of the green of your blog's background. Is it there in real-life Paul?

  8. The pink-y undertone is from uncalibrated monitors. It's a good warning to never spec color on a computer!


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