14 October 2009

Dyson reimagined the fan

Well take a look at this.

That is what a table fan as reimagined by Sir James Dyson and his team of crack engineers looks like. And look Ma, No blades! Amid a fair amount of hoopla, Dyson announced the launch of its new Air Multiplier yesterday. They threw away everything they knew about fans and started over.

Here's how a conventional table fan works.

Now in this conventional fan, air gets chopped up by blades and then gets shot across the room in an uneven, oscillating stream.

The Air Multiplier is different. It has no blades and air gets shot out of the loop at high speed in a single stream. It uses electrical energy more efficiently from the get go, and the circular shape of the air diffuser pulls in air from the back (called inducement) and from the sides (called entrainment). The effect of the entrainment increases the speed of the moving air by fifteen times. Remarkable! Watch this video:

And here's Sir James himself, explaining how this technological marvel works:


The Air Multiplier is available now through Dyson's website and Dyson's website only. Get 'em while you can!


  1. This guy is a genius. I bought one of his ball vacuum cleaners last month and it's amazing. I will never use one of those bug clunky things ever again. Every time I use it I wonder why someone hadn't come up with the idea sooner.

  2. I love it when industrial designers throw away preconceived notions about how things should be done. Why not have a vacuum cleaner with a ball and not four wheels and who says a fan has to have blades. I love watching what these guys come up with.

    Have you ever used one of their Air Blade hand dryers? Remarkable!


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