06 October 2009

Again, no sale!

The blogosphere's abuzz today with the latest ruling handed down by the FTC concerning paid endorsements in new media. I am with them 100% and I want to state once again that my opinion is not for sale. If I like something I say so and if I don't like something I say so.

Anybody can buy an ad here and bless those who have. But an ad doesn't constitute an endorsement by me nor is it any kind of a guarantee that I will say nice things about a sponsor. I am approached routinely by marketers and PR people who want me to say nice things about whatever it is they're selling. Again, being approached or wooed or sent samples isn't a quid pro quo, whether explicit or implicit.

I am an independent voice and my opinions are mine.


  1. I'm working on it. Any time this topic comes up I start channeling you.


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