02 October 2009

A shower fit for a king

In about three hours I'm going to sign a contract on a house renovation. It's a nice job, we're transforming a waterfront ranch house that's currently a rabbit warren of small rooms into an open floor plan with a water view from nearly every room in the house. The centerpiece of the new floor plan is a large, efficient kitchen of course. There's also a reconstructed master suite. The current master bath is a thirty-year-old afterthought. It's what a bathroom looked like in its day, and mercifully that day has passed.

Make that, it's about to pass.

The new bath has an open shower in it and more than any other aspect of this project, I cannot wait to see this shower once it's built. I've put together similar showers before but the shower in this job will feature a Sensori shower by Brizo. I've specified Brizo faucets before, but this is my first Sensori shower .

Ordinary shower systems are complicated, unnecessarily so. Cobbling one together using another brand's components was always a crap shoot. Manufacturers tend not to make whole suites of shower fixtures and it can be frustrating to try to put together a multiple component shower that has some cohesion. Is it too much to ask that the body sprays, handhelds, ceiling-mounted showerheads, mixer valves, etc., all look the same and have the same finish? Unfortunately, it is too much to ask of most brands.

However, like so much of what Brizo does, Brizo threw away the business as usual and started over when they developed the Sensori shower system. Each collection is a complete collection of coordinated parts available in all of Brizo's finishes. Specifying shower parts is now an à la carte process. I pick the parts from a list, specify the finish and I'm done.

The technical part's relatively easy too. Brizo's website has a custom planning guide that takes the guesswork out of the plumbing side of these showers. I'm impressed with the thought that went into these showers, add to that that these components are exceptionally well made and we have a winner all around. My clients know that I'm pretty jazzed by this shower, but they have no clue the wonders that await them when this project's complete. I cannot wait to hear what they think when it's all finished.

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