08 August 2009

Twitter really is worth something. Really.

I have been using Twitter for about two months now and despite my initial misgivings, I've really come to enjoy it. I've made some tremendous contacts through it and Twitter has introduced me to a whole host of people from around the world I'd have never met otherwise. It's worth exploring Twitter, really. Besides, it's not going anywhere because it's what the future looks like. In addition to meeting some folks who are up to some really cool stuff, it's also becoming a great source of topics for this blog. Here's a list, and by no means an exhaustive one, of some of the interesting Twitter folk I've come across.
  • I met Jake Gevorgian recently. Jake's a cabinet maker and SketchUp aficionado based in LA and he makes some beautiful, beautiful things.

  • Alex Brooks is another great Twitter find. Alex maintains a renovation and design blog, Renovation Planning, from Sydney, NSW. Alex is also a regular contributor to and blogger for The Sydney Morning Herald, among other publications. I love reading design blogs from parts of the world other than the one I call home.

  • Vicente Wolf started following me last week. I nearly choked when I got the notice. Vicente Wolf? Following me? Vicente also writes a blog, Vicente Wolf Blog.

  • Linda Merrill is another member of the pantheon of great American Designers I've met through Twitter. Linda is a friend of the great Joni Webb (who's also a Twitterer). I don't think either of those women are aware of the influence they've had over me and it's a treat to correspond with them.

  • Marie Cole is a designer who's pioneering the new venture known as online design. She's designing remotely and she's doing it full time. I've done it a couple of times and it's a fascinating idea. I'm glad to see that there are people out there making a go of it.

  • Pam Rodriguez is doing what I fantasize about, she designs kitchens and baths and sells nothing but her designs. She also puts together design presentations for other designers and builders. She's pretty funny too.

  • Given Campbell is a Tampa-based wallpaper designer and artist. Her work's being hailed wildly and you need to look through her website if you want to see wallpaper realizing its full potential.
Of course, there many others I've met and even more I've yet to meet. Give it a try some time and when you do, you can find me as @saintpetepaul.

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