08 August 2009

Hasta luego

OK gang, by the time you read this I'll be well on my way. I'll resume posting on 17 August but that certainly doesn't mean that nothing's going on here while I'm gone. I have eight guest bloggers lined up and they represent as many different walks of life as they do different locations. There's a kitchen designer from Honolulu, a biologist from Pennsylvania, an American expatriate from Buenos Aires, a professional writer from New York, a professional writer from Miami, another biologist (this one's from Gainesville, FL), a waiter from New Orleans and an art historian turned writer and soon-to-be architect from the Midwest. I'm grateful of course and thrilled at the idea that all of this is going to unfold over next nine days and I won't see any of it until I get back. Stay tuned, be supportive, leave comments and have fun!

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