22 August 2009

I. Am. Fashion.

Boy that's funny. I am fashion-illiterate and wear the same polo shirts and khakis I wore when I was in High School. I've never met a button down shirt I didn't like. Despite that, I've been invited to the Jason Wu show under the tents at Bryant Park on 11 September. Thanks to the slavish attention I pay to Project Runway, I know what "under the tents" and "Bryant Park" signify. Apparently, this is a big deal and I'm genuinely excited to see what a real Fashion Week runway show is like.

My only first hand knowledge of what a fashion show is like comes from the first episode of the first season of Absolutely Fabulous. I hope with all my heart that my experience in New York will go something like this:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


  1. "I'm going down in history, Pats, as the first woman to put Princess Anne in a Vivien Westwood basque!"
    -Edina Monsoon

  2. I swear, that episode is their finest work. My favorite line is Patsy's, "An entire row of skeletons with Jacki O. haircuts."

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