03 August 2009

Speaking of urinals

On Saturday I sent out a plaintive cry to the blogosphere, "Help me find the perfect urinal for a master bath project oh wise and powerful Internet." I've been inundated with links and suggestions since Saturday afternoon.

I am leaning heavily toward the Starck by Duravit just in case you're interested. However, somebody set me a link to the men's room at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, WI. Oh my word. Would that I had the budget to commission something like these:

Lord, by Matt Nolan

Patron, by Matt Nolan

Pontiff, by Matt Nolan

Water, by Ann Agee


  1. Much nicer than the urinals in my college-town bar. I went in on a dare, only to discover the walls around the urinals were paintings of very sexy women's faces, with the urinal itself painted as the mouth, complete with a rather luscious-looking tongue.

    Wholly revolting. I guess I'm naive in thinking such treatments are outdated.

  2. Do a Google Image Search on the term "urinal" and you'll find plenty of them that fit your description. Nothing says classy like a face-shaped urinal, you know? Sheez!

  3. This is my first post to your wonderful blog. I read it every day!! I am a K&B designer in Illinois who also has a client looking for a urinal. There aren't as many styles as I would like to see. The client is looking for black, so we need to stay with Kohler, unless you have uncovered something else. Thanks for the comments about the waterless, being a woman, I don't know what direction to steer him! I think I'll recommend a flushing model.

    Thanks for the great blog. Keep it up!

  4. Hey Char, thanks for your comment. I'm always glad to meet another KBD. A black urinal... Hmm... Theonly thing I can think of would be to have Kohler make one because I know they do custom stuff. I am leaning heavily toward Duravit for my project. Their urinals are very contemporary-looking and not industrial at all. Good luck and let me know how you do!

  5. As a 'regular Jane' sorry I can't personally help you but here is my advice:

    With your design savvy get busy and design one, then begin networking for Angel Investors. You can do this Paul!!!!! I have every confidence in you.

    P.S: (As I'm planning a trip to Vegas in the Fall and if by some miracle I become a 'RICH Jane'; I'll get back to you on this subject. I promise!!!))

  6. Hah! I'm still waiting for the angel investors to materialize to help me turn Kitchen and Residential Design into a big-budget, big-staffed e-zine. Once that takes off I'll come out with a line of urinals. How's that for a plan?

  7. Soungs like a good one!!!!! -Brenda-


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