07 August 2009

Magnetic mosaics, how cool is this?

At the end of last month, the great kitchen designer and blogger Ann Porter wrote a post about a magnetic mosaic made by an Australian company called Motifo. If you don't read Ann's blog, KitchAnn Style, you ought to. Ann's also on Twitter as @KitchAnn_Style.

Motifo sells a kit of 25mm x 25mm (a little less than an inch by an inch) tiles and there are enough tiles in the kit to cover a space 70cm wide by 190cm tall (that's about 27 and-a-half by 75-or-so inches). The kits come in two color palettes; classic (gray tones) and warm (warm, sunset colors) and any kit can make any pattern you see here. Any kit can also make any pattern they offer on their website. So when you're tired of Edvard Munch's The Scream, spend a little time and reconfigure it to be Kylie Minogue (it IS an Australian company after all).

The kits are sized to fit the front of an Australian refrigerator. US and Canadian fridges are a great deal larger, so you won't be able to cover yours completely. But why limit yourself to the front of a fridge?

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