25 August 2009

Making a Mosaic: a short video

Laura K. Aiken is a mosaicist, painter, creator of fused glass and a blogger. Yesterday, Laura ran this video on her blog and I think it's fantastic.

This video features the work of mosaicist Tara Nielsen and music of The Smarts. This video was a production of Lori Green, an artist who owns Mosaic on a Stick, a St. Paul-based mosaic supply shop, community classroom and artist studio. Be sure to check out Laura's website and Laura's blog. There is so much great art out there, and we're fortunate to live in the times we do.


  1. Thank you so much Paul..You know --I didn't realize I was all those things...you made my day. Hope you have a great one too! Laura.

  2. It's my pleasure Laura, you have a great day too!


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