24 August 2009

Space planning comes to the iPhone

All Hail Laurie Burke from Kitchen Design Notes for tipping me off to this one. Mark on Call is a new application for the iPhone that does actual space planning and floor plan renderings. Watch:

Amazing! And it really works. I cannot get over how well thought out this piece of software is. All of that power for a mere $2.99. Wow.

Again, I ask you. What's a Blackberry?


  1. I don't have an iPhone -- or a Blackberry, for that matter. I'm not very techie connected ;-)

    This looks really cool. Maybe I should reconsider going techie-free!!

    Yep, I had no idea when I created those pool balls where they would end up :-) It's like a whole new world opened up to me when I started blogging :-)


  2. Isn't it amazing the doors that open up? I cannot get over how enriched my life's been by this blog. Amazing!


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