21 August 2009

One last point about Julie Richey

Yesterday's post about the work of Julie Richey had a glaring omission and I apologize for missing an attribution.

This is the baptismal font of St. Philip's Church in Falls Church, VA. I attributed the whole work to Julie Richey but as I learned yesterday, that project was a collaboration between Julie and Lynne Chinn.

Lynne Chinn is another highly regarded and award winning contemporary mosaicist. In fact, it's her work that adorns the 2009 cover of Mosaic Art Now.

Lynne Chinn's a topic for another day, believe me. She has a website that showcases some of her work and I can't encourage you strongly enough to look it over.


  1. Wow I did not think that Julie Richey's work could get any better - and now it has! There are two artists who created that masterpiece font, both with equal talent for creating the beautiful and unusual - and for using mosiac in three dimensions! That's unbelievable.

    I love Lynne's sea urchin as much as I love Julie's Nightshirt. I really didn't think anything would move me like that again this week.

    Thanks for pointing out both of these exquistite artisans to me Paul.

  2. It's my pleasure David. I love that these women have their feet planted firmly in 2009, but can apply that contemporary perspective to ancient forms. The Icon of The Annunciation on Lynne's website is stunning in every sense of that word.

  3. Paul and David,
    Not only is Lynne one of the most talented mosaicist working in the US today, she's also got a wicked sense of humor. Another great reason to partner with her in future projects. We'll be making an 8' x 8' "Transfiguration of Christ" for the Due Santi chapel in Rome over the next few months. We'll keep the photos coming. Thanks for the wonderful comments about our work.

  4. Thanks for the update Julie. I'd heard you were working for something in a Roman chapel. Please keep me posted with updates. Wow though. I mean wow, how incredible is it to be working on something that will go into a chapel in Rome? Congratulations.


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