03 December 2010

Silestone sold me. Wow.

This is a new 60 second TV spot Silestone rolled out in Spain. Here's the video and audio without the voice over.

Holy cow, I think that's the best video I've ever seen in the whole kitchen and bath industry. Not only is it stunning, Silestone assures me that the entire thing is done in CGI, there's not a live image to be had anywhere in that video. That's doubly impressive.

It's the product of a Spanish videographer, Alex Roman, and his The Third and The Seventh Agency. I've seen Alex Roman's work before. This piece entranced me a year ago. It's nearly 13 minutes long, but watch it if you find a spare chunk of time.

The Third and The Seventh
from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

I absolutely love it when art and commerce combine.


  1. All that flying food and mess! I could swear somebody sneaked into my kitchen while my sons were cooking and shot that film... That is until I saw the rest of the beautiful Silestone finishes and the ultra modern kitchen which clearly is not at my house! And the part about CGI... what is that?

  2. Computer-generated imagery. There's not a real thing in that movie. It's as if Chief Architect could make films. Now it's even more amazing.

  3. All kidding aside -that was the best 13 minutes I've spent in quite awhile. This is yet one more thing I wished that my dad was around to see (he passed away last April). He was a photographer from the 30's through the 70's and his mentors were Ansel Adams and Eward Weston. I grew up with early photo realistic renderings and montages when my Dad was an Aerospace photo tech during the Apolo and Gemini years. We saw renderings of prototypes that eventually became the space shuttle. He would have loved the juxtaposition of the old camera equipment and the modern structures in the video. He would have been amazed (and perhaps difficult to convince) that this was all computer generated. As one who dabbles in photo-realistic rendering, I am just amazed at the detail!

  4. Are you saying 'The Third and the Seventh' is CGI? No way!

  5. That's exactly what I'm saying Chuck. Alex Roman is a god.

    Pam: This stuff's come a very long way in a very short period of time. Amazing.

  6. Both of these videos are absolutely stunning! I do recognize many images in 'The Third and the Seventh' of the interior and exterior of Calatrava's Milwaukee Art Museum (which, for my money, is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.) Thanks so much for sharing, Paul.

  7. Susan: That Milwaukee Art Museum is a stunner, good call.

  8. This is a beautiful ad. No contest between this one & the recent cabinet one you featured.

  9. It's apples and oranges and I like that Merillat ad...


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