06 December 2010

From Cornwall to you with Merlin Glass

Last April, I wrote a post about a Cornish glassblower named Liam Carey. I'd met Liam on Twitter and I was very impressed with the glass door and cabinet knobs he makes. I'm still impressed and Liam's been working overtime on his marketing efforts. Liam's company is called Merlin Glass.

Merlin Glass just made a marketing video. As a glassblower, Liam makes far more than door knobs and in this video he's making a perfume bottle. Feast your eyes on this:

This video's as well-made as his glass. Wow.

Merlin Glass is available outside of the UK if you buy from Liam directly. If you're interested in becoming a dealer they would love to talk to you. Check out Merlin Glass' website.


  1. Wow Paul, I will never touch a glass door knob again without thinking of these images... brilliant work. thanks for posting this beautiful video. cindy @urbanverse

  2. Liam does amazing work and this video made me look at glass in a whole new way.

  3. Makes me want to change all the knobs in the house. Wonderful glimpse.

  4. It makes me want to change the knobs and go to Cornwall to get new ones.

  5. Really Nice! That was a great video as well.
    Love ly artwork as well.

  6. Thanks for the comment. That reminds me that I need to add you to my blogroll.

  7. Stunning glass - I love the knobs. I replaced my knobs with emtek but these are gorgoeous!

  8. Gina! How the heck have you been? Emtek stuff is beautiful but I love that these are made by hand.

  9. That video is excellent.
    When I was in Italy years ago, I watched a guy make glass one day, I sat there for hours.
    I could literally watch someone hand make glass all day long. It fascinates me.
    Liam's work is beautiful.

  10. Where in Italy were you Steph?

  11. Venice.
    Geez, it's been about 10 years now.
    It was WAY before I could appreciate the stone like I would now.
    The Carrara marble quarry is right at the top of my list of places to see before I die.


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