10 December 2010

I'll take Manhattan

I am in New York. Glad about it, mad about it New York.

I have a couple of meetings there today and I'm spending the weekend getting some Christmassy R&R. Somebody near and dear cashed in a king's ransom in frequent flier miles and I'm the lucky beneficiary of what promises to be the most luxe version of Manhattan I've ever experienced. I used to go to New York and slum it for long weekends. There was a boarding house on 14th Street that I viewed as a second home at one time in my life. At $69 for a sleeping room, a shared bath and coffee and a bagel in the morning, the Chelsea Pines Inn is still a deal and a half.

There will be no Chelsea Pines this weekend. Instead, we're booked in the New York Palace.

The Palace is one of those places I still can't believe I'm allowed to enter.

As much as I'm looking forward to my meetings today and my deluxe accommodations this weekend, what will end up as one of the highlights of my life are two tickets.

Two tickets to see a full production of La Boheme at the Met on Saturday night. Grand opera gets no more grand in this hemisphere and arguably, in the world.

Add to it the usual round of visiting with friends in the city and just drinking it all in and I'm in for a weekend to remember.

In an experiment of a sort. I am letting my blog go blank through Monday. Tomorrow will be the first time in two and a half years that I haven't had a new post on this site. Posting every day is a labor of love and it's become so ingrained I can't imagine not posting every day. Starting tomorrow, I'm not going to have to imagine it any longer.

So enjoy your weekends everybody and I'll see you around here again on Tuesday when I resume my regular posting schedule.


  1. Have fun!NY must be a thrilling place to visit.The pics are excellent

  2. Thank you! Where in Italy are you? As a Mosaicista, you'll be interested to know that I'm going to see the Lod Mosaic at the Metropolitan Museum tomorrow. http://www.metmuseum.org/special/se_event.asp?OccurrenceId={6C51E9CC-0958-4743-A2FE-4A3304C3AAD9}

  3. Enjoy New York Paul!. I haven't had the pleasure of visiting NY during the holiday season. It's on my list of things to do. Bundle up and have a blast.

  4. That hotel looks amazing, so have a great time and stay warm. And don't forget to take lots and lots of pictures of everything for us!

  5. Have a great trip! The Palace looks amazing!

    Very Luxurious!

  6. Very very cool (uh maybe cold is more correct) Have fun!

  7. So jealous of your night at the opera! I want to hear all about the people that you see!

  8. Have fun! I thought of you guys last night and wondered where you were having fun!

  9. This is one of my favorite times of the year to be in Manhattan with all the Christmas decorations.

  10. ...all that glitters. great post by a man who knows how to live.


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