17 December 2010

Countdown to Germany: 30 days to go

In one month I'll be in Germany. It's hard to believe but something arrived in the mail on Monday that made it seem a bit more real.

This is my German Press Pass. I've been studying basic (very basic) German for the last three months and I think I say that as Dies ist meine deutschen Presseakkreditierung.

I'm heading to Cologne to attend internationale möbelmess, also called IMM. I'll be at IMM as the guest of Blanco. Blanco makes innovative and exceptionally well-designed sinks and faucets. I sit on Blanco USA's Design Council and this trip is part of my involvement on the council.

IMM had over 100,000 attendees last year and that puts it at a level of attendance beyond any trade show I've ever attended, and that's coming from someone who's no stranger to trade shows.

IMM started as a showcase for Germany's furniture industry but it's grown to become a world showcase for textile, furniture and kitchen manufacturers from just about everywhere.

The more I read about IMM the more excited I get to see it. IMM is hosted by a German trade show hosting company called Koelnmesse. Koelnmesse just released this IMM preview video to YouTube last week.

I'll be checking in regularly while I'm over there and I have no doubt that this trip to IMM and Cologne will provide blog fodder for the better part of 2011.

IMM has an expansive website and a social media presence that's truly impressive. Their website is full to overflowing with preview images such as these.

It's funny, my usual excitement for Christmas has been completely overshadowed by my excitement over starting what's looking more an more like a world tour. 2011's going to be a wild ride and the first stop is Cologne.


  1. That's great. We hope you enjoy your time at cologne and imm cologne plus LivingKitchen fair.

    One little thing: In german we call it Presseakkreditierung instead of Presse Identifizierung.

    See you there!

  2. Correction made, thank you! Anybody and everybody has my absolute permission to correct my German as he or she sees fit. I'm fascinated with the language and at this point my comfort level with German has me saying hello and goodbye and not much more than that. Hah!

  3. My grasp of written German isn't good enough to correct anything. However, I'm seething with jealously over your trip! If I mail myself to Florida do you think you can fit me in your luggage?

  4. I'll sneak you into my luggage if you pay all of my bills for January and February. Deal?

  5. It does go without saying. I can't wait!

  6. Congratulations to your trip to (imm) cologne! I'm really looking forward to reading your blog posts about all the new products and designs! Have a safe travel!

  7. Thanks Frank, I'm sure our paths will cross in Cologne and I'm looking forward to it.

  8. Thanks for your help with ASID article! Don't know what I'm more excited about. The food. The products. The factory tours. Meeting up with everyone. Can't wait! And my German is limited to Good Morning and Biere. But I'm working on it. :)

  9. Just remember to say "wie bitte" a lot and you'll be fine Lori.


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