08 December 2010

Google wants to give you a new laptop

Well not everybody but close.

Google's Chrome operating system is in its final beta stage and Google's looking for some brave volunteers to test their brand new, first-ever, Google-branded laptop. The hard part's done and the laptop betas will ship in January '011.

You can apply here to become one of a select few individuals given one of these laptop prototypes. There are some strings attached. First, this is a beta test and the goal of a beta is to work out bug. Expect bugs. Secondly, you have to agree to be monitored by the kids in Mountain View.

I applied yesterday and I'd be honored to be selected. Imagine playing a role in the beginning of the end of the cumbersome ineptitude of MicroSoft and the haughty, customer-be-damned world of Apple. Sign me up! Oh wait, I already did. Here's that link again.


  1. Sooo... they monitor EVERY place you go?? Well, I guess it's not any different than it is now. ; )

    Good luck!

  2. I drank the Kool-Aid with those people so long ago I wouldn't know what "unmonitored" was if it bit me. I keep asking them to be done with it and just put the damn chip in my forearm already.


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