09 December 2010

Compelling, modern lighting from Leucos

Leucos USA is a family of distinctive lighting brands that includes Leucos, ITRE, LUXIT and the FDV Collection. Hand-crafted in Italy, all of the Leucos USA products represent the very best blend of traditional hand-blown glass techniques combined with innovative, modern design.

The Leucos brands represent a staggering number of lighting options, many of which are in stock in a warehouse just outside of New York.

Leucos just announced the addition of five new designs and here are their highlights.

Block S100 and Block P100
Sleek rectangular fixtures created by the Leucos design team, the Block S100, suspension modeland the Block P100 wall unit complete the Block suite of lights with great √©lan. Composed of beautifully silk-screened glass on bright steel structures, their fluorescent light sources create a warm and lustrous glow. Block is available in three color combinations: platinum with 3D effect,platinum pattern on white base and pure white. Block S100 measures 39 3/8” in length and 4 3/8” in height with a drop of 78 ¾”. Block P100 measures 39 3/8” in length and 4 3/8” in height.

Laguna S75 and Laguna S105
Collaboratively designed by Design R. Toso and N. Massari & Associates with Giusto Toso,these suspension fixtures complement the sconce and ceiling models already available in this grouping. The Laguna models are both ornamental and modern, combining an external glass profile with a decorative centerpiece. These glass suspension lights are available in Canal with a decorative pattern of amber or white embellished with gold leaf and glass shavings or Platino, which is adorned with silk-screened platinum spirals. Both the Canal and Platino versions utilize energy-efficient fluorescent lamps. Laguna S75 measures 29 1/2” in length and 8 1/4” in height and the longer S105 is 41 3/8” in length and 8 1/4” in height.

This blown glass suspension light has an enchanting quality, as its incandescent light source glows expressively through its center. Designed by Marco Piva, it is available in four color palettes: transparent black with black painted metal structure; mirrored crystal on chrome plated metal structure; white on chrome plated metal structure; or gray on chrome plated metal structure. It hangs from a white painted metal canopy and measures 17 3/4” in diameter and 9 7/8” in height.


  1. Wow very unique lights! Love the black pink contrast!

    Tres magnifique!

  2. Thanks so much for your comments over the last couple of days, I appreciate your willingness to chime in around here. You're in Miami, right? And I agree, "Witch" is my favorite design here, hands down.

  3. Witch is casting a spell on me as well.

  4. Yeah, and I'm not a black and fuchsia kind of guy under ordinary circumstances. How do you think that would fare in a home as opposed to a commercial space?

  5. Had a couple of beautiful Leucos lights in my office. Really miss them, sold w/ the building. works of art, really. still have a pencil lamp, exquisite.

  6. It's amazing how they can take something as mundane as office lighting and turn it into something spectacular.

  7. You are welcome Paul! You have a wonderful blog with the best pictures!

    We are located in Pompano Beach FL...about 20 mins from Miami!

    All the lights are great but the Witch is bewitching!

    Look forward to more of your post!

  8. Thanks for all of your compliments!


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