25 February 2010

What about a white kitchen?

Houzz is a terrific, relatively new website for house ideas. It's growing rapidly and visitors are encouraged to got through Houzz's extensive library of images and use them to construct idea books of their own. It's a brilliant idea for a bunch of reasons, foremost among them is that it encourages people to do what they'd do anyway. And that's save images they find on the internet.

Houzz has gone a step further in that a photo can't be separated from the name of the designer who created the room. It really smart actually.

Houzz's library contains over 25,000 home design photos, so if you're looking for inspiration, you'll likely find it on Houzz.

kitchen remoldel

These photos are from an ideabook that was assembled for Houzz by Margaret Everton, a designer who writes a blog called Bon Bon Living.

main-5.jpg (image) modern kitchen

I grabbed these photos today for a couple of reasons. After yesterday I wanted to clear the air and write about something basic and non-confrontational. And secondly, I've been getting a lot of requests for white cabinetry lately.

main-7.jpg (image) modern kitchen

White cabinetry is simple, basic and classic. When I think of a white kitchen I think of solid tradition and dependability. It's like some kind of a rock, a solid thing you can anchor yourself to.

UWS Kitchen contemporary kitchen
contemporary kitchen design by new york interior designer Lea Frank Design

I love this photo, absolutely love it. It's my every life in Manhattan fantasy made real. Anyhow, I think there's something more at work here than just a shift in aesthetics. The white cabinetry thing is showing up across all styles.

SchappacherWhite Ltd. modern kitchen

I think the white thing is in reaction to these uncertain times. I don't think this is coming from some nostalgic look backwards. I think it's coming from some kind of a need for a solid foothold.

What do you think? Am I nuts? Would go go for a white kitchen? And while you're pondering the imponderable, check out Houzz. They have some pretty cool stuff.


  1. Well naturally! I think white done right will always be a design staple. But there are ways to add other elements if a client does not want stark white monochromatic. In my own kitchen I have white cabinets as well but also have louvered doors on the stacked uppers. This gives a bit of texture to the coastal white look I was going for... I also have an island with a Coppertop on one area and dark wenge wood on the other side of the island.Again this breaks up the white with textures. Works well in this type of design for a coastal cottage. To me, white is always in style! I like Houzz also by the way!!

  2. I like Houzz a lot too. Sara Baldwin turned me on to that site a couple of months ago. Photos of her bathrooms are on it and have been for quite some time.

    I do like white kitchen, it's one thing I'll never argue about. Probably the only one.

  3. Love the first one. I think a kitchen needs to be bright. I can totally see that floor and style in my house!

  4. That would work perfectly in your house Mel, perfectly. When ever you're ready, I know a couple of people in the industry. Hah!

  5. Also love white & finally finished our kitchen remodel. I was slightly afraid it was going to look "institutional" but it just looks homey to me.

  6. Erika: I'm happy to get another yes vote. White can look pretty institutional if it's all done in monochrome with no textures. But as Cheryl mentioned above, you just have to played around with it and you can warm it right up. What did you use for counters?

  7. They are a super-dark brown; almost look black. You helped me with some granite/soapstone questions I had during the process. The one we chose is called "maron cohiba" granite in a matte finish.

  8. I remember talking to you when you were debating what to do. Did you put your photos on Facebook?

  9. I find the first kitchen a bit stark, but I love those wood floors. SO gorgeous.

    I love white cabinetry but I couldn't deal with white countertops, I make borscht a LOT and I'd be totally paranoid about staining them. (not to mention that my kids seem to have a hard time with the idea that "cleaning the kitchen" means that you have to wipe the GD counters off too)

    I really like that last picture.. that's my ideal kind of kitchen, one that you can cook in while still entertaining guests. I hate feeling like I've been abandoned in there!

  10. You make borscht a lot? Oh man, recipe please! I love the stuff but I've never made it.

  11. There has been a fashion in Australia for bright white two-pack polyurethane kitchen and bathroom cabinets. All white and shiny like your dentist's teeth.

    The manufacturers are laughing all the way to the bank with the economies of scale. The required benchtop is either black granite or a composite in some 'natural/neutral' tone. Wood veneers are sometimes used somewhere as a Feature. Just say no!

  12. The US went through he plastic door trend a couple of years ago but it's on the wane, thankfully. Sorry that you're still dealing with it. Hold on, it'll pass.

  13. I personally don't want a white kitchen, but I do think they can be quite pretty. I'm actually designing a kitchen similar to the first one for my Interior Finishes class. But I'm using a darker counter (grey with mirrored flecks -- very cool!!) and a glass tile backsplash. We have to work with white appliances, which is why I'm choosing white cabinets. Otherwise, I'd go with warmer colours... sort of like my new kitchen :-)

    I love borscht and make it from scratch too :-) But don't ask me to eat beets!!


  14. OK this settles it, somebody needs to send me a borscht recipe. Kelly and Nim, is there something about Borscht and Canadian national identity or is this just a coincidence that you both make that soup?

  15. My grandmother is of German-Russian descent actually. I'll send you a link when I get home :)

  16. As I'm of Ukrainian descent, I'll link you to one of *my* borshch recipes, since it's daylight here:


    Wouldn't want you to miss out!

  17. Thank you! I will make it this weekend. How large should my beets be? Your recipe calls for one to two.

  18. In "contemporary kitchen design by new york interior designer Lea Frank Design" there is a great use of the window. The location of the table is great!

  19. Hello Turkey and welcome to K&RD. Come back often Muftak, I love getting European perspectives, and yours is particularly valued since you have one foot in Europe and one in Asia. HoĊŸgeldiniz!


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