27 February 2010

Springtime lighting

Thursday's New York Times ran a photo and a description of this ceiling light.

It's the Infiore Pendant by Estiluz, and I think it's pretty neat. It might be a symptom of frostbite though. Is any body else about done with winter? Geez!

Estiluz makes some really interesting, modern lighting. Estiluz is one of two lighting brands produced by Grupo Estiluz in Catalunya. That's a Province in Spain, for anyone who missed that day. Their manufacturing facilities are in the small town of Sant Joan de Abedesses, which is about 50 miles (80 km) north of Barcelona.

Estiluz is their modern brand and Blauet is their contemporary line.

Here's some more of their modern designs.

I've specifically not shown any of their contemporary stuff from Blauet, not that there's a thing wrong with it. I have an idea though.

Here's Blauet's website.

Here's Estiluz's website.

Now, what's the difference between modern lighting and contemporary lighting? Leave an answer of fewer than 500 words and the best answer wins a new range hood. Hah! No, there's no prize. I don't care if I never see another one frankly. Instead the winner will get something infinitely better than a thing. The winner will get the satisfaction of being smart.


  1. First what is art and now what's the difference between contemporary and modern? Aargh you're hurting my brain

  2. I wondered why I wasn't getting any takers for this one. I thought I might be pushing my luck and I see I have. But I thought people like essay questions.

  3. I have absolutely no idea Paul as I am still in 'Holiday' mode, BUT I bet your friend 'Bob The Architect' knows. Do I win?

  4. Well, since the prize was the smug satisfaction that comes from knowing something, no. I'm sorry. :)

  5. Understandably fair. :) -Brenda-


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