16 February 2010

Special shout out and thanks to DH Designs

Donna from DH Designs presented me with a Best Blog award this morning and I am touched. Hurray Donna, hurray for the great work you're doing on your blog and thank you thank you thank you! Gang, head on over to Donna's and see what she's got cooking.


  1. Congratulations Paul :-) You deserve it -- you're one of the hardest working bloggers I know!!

    Here's yet another example of the power of blogging -- Donna and I "met" through our blogs, then we met in real life, and in January we went to the Interior Design Show together :-) And get this -- turns out that Donna and one of my cousins were best friends in elementary school!!

    Blogging truly does bring people together :-)


  2. Thank you to the Canadian Kellys! And Ottawa Kelly, you needn't tell me it brings people together. Sheesh! After the weekend I had at the Blogger conclave in New York. Wow! I've been a believer in this medium since day one and it is one of the most satisfying aspects of my life that I get to participate in it.

  3. Paul --you are so deserving! Congrats!

    A benefit of blogging I never expected was the wonderful people I've come to know. (I just like to write and hope people read it.) The NY trip --well that's still something I'm trying to wrap my head around.

  4. Tell me about it Pam. I'm writing a blog post about hanging out with Johnny Grey right now and I still can't believe it. He was a name on my bookshelf a week ago and now he's my pal. Huh? Whose life is this?

  5. Congrats Paul!!!! And by the way, next time we see each other I want a footprint autograph!! You are worldwide famous!

  6. Thanks Michelle and Cheryl: If I'm famous then I owe it all to Jai Massela who's the the one who put me int he front row. My fame's nothing compared to Saxon's. She's in every shot and you can recognize her.


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