21 February 2010

The terrible ague

Well it took until February, but I've been felled by the Martian death plague that's been sweeping the land. I haven't been sick in ages and I forgot how rotten this feels. The physical part's bad enough, but this thing has sucked out of me every positive thought in head. All is woe.
But now will canker-sorrow eat my bud
And chase the native beauty from his cheek
And he will look as hollow as a ghost,
As dim and meagre as an ague's fit.

Act 3, Scene 4
The Life and Death of King John, William Shakespeare


  1. So sorry you are under the weather. Every time I see things such as the following I can't help but think of you. Hope these images don't make you feel worse.


  2. Sharon: I got that e-mail from Houzz this morning too. I saw that they were highlighting chalkboard paint but didn't have the heart to click on the link. I clicked on it in your comment though and now my canker-sorrow is even worse!

  3. Sorry to hear you're not well! Drink lots of fluids.

    Am I the only one who can smell feel the chalk dust just by looking at photos of rooms with so much chalk on the walls? My nose would always bleed from the dryness. Yuck

  4. Canker-sorrow. Why is that so funny? It's not supposed to be. Hope you're feeling better soon. Being sick is the worst.

  5. Canker-sorrow is the perfect description. Shakespeare knew what he was talking about.

    I get really irritable when I'm sick and my ordinarily long fuse shortens considerably. Remind me to stay away from Apartment Therapy, Trendir and Houzz today!

  6. See this is because you've been hanging out with me and Bravewolf online so much. She's STILL got a lingering cough from being sick. We must have given it you over the interwebs ;)

  7. So YOU'RE who I can blame. Actually, the silver lining is that I have a new phrase to throw around when someone asks me what's wrong.

    --You poor dear, what's wrong with you? Cold? Flu? Malaria?

    --No, I have canker-sorrow. All is woe!

  8. I hope you feel better soon. If by chance it's one of those on your tongue there is an old wives tale that works... gross tasting, but works. They use Alum powder for pickling and if you place it on the bump it will shrink it right up. My dr. actually turned me on to this.

  9. Oh, that's crappy :-( I had a killer flu in the mid-'90s that just wiped me out for weeks, so I totally sympathize with you and your canker sorrow.

    Would a picture of my kitchen cheer you up?? :-) It's not quite ready for its big reveal, but if anyone deserves a sneak peek, it's you :-)


  10. sorry paul, get better soon. One sure fire way to beat the flu is to come to BA. Its summer, hot and sultry..


  11. So it finally warmed up for you down there? Welcome back to Buenos Aires. How was your holiday?


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