20 February 2010

Buy this issue!

My copy of 2010's Mosaic Art Now arrived this morning and I am blown away by it. Nancie Mills-Pipgras, Bill Buckingham and Michael Welch pulled out all the stops and took what was once an arts publication and turned it into a coffee table book. Congratulations on a job well done guys.

I wrote an article for this issue and it's a real thrill to see my name in a print publication again. My article is a profile of Yakov and Yulia Hanansen, who are father and daughter as well as being prominent mosaicists. It was a real thrill to meet them and to hear them talk about their art. They are interesting, passionate, talented people and I hope I did them some justice in my profile.
Master Mosaicist Yakov Hanansen looks out at the world from his studio on the 14th floor of an industrial building in Midtown Manhattan. As he works on his latest commission, Yakov is surrounded by 20 years of his own mosaics and they are made brilliant by the morning light streaming through the enormous windows. His work tells the story of an artist committed to defying tradition as he brings both beauty and thought to the world.
And that's all you get. If you'd like to read the rest of that article or any of the other 100 plus pages of this magazine you're going to have to buy a copy. Sorry, but arts organizations need every dime they can get, this year more than any.

So buy a copy of 2010's Mosaic Art Now, and then check out the websites of Yulia and Yakov Hanansen.


  1. You tease, you! Thanks Paul. We couldn'ta done it without you.

  2. All hail Nancie Mills-Pipgras!

  3. The front cover is fantastic - how cool would that mosaic look on my wall?

  4. That's by Ann Gardner (www.anngardner.net) and you should see her work. It's some incredible stuff.

  5. I would not have known of this publication had you not blogged about it. Thank you!

    Mosaic's are a stunning medium for an artist to express themselves as well as home owners.


    now I'm off to see where in Canada I can get my hands on a copy!

  6. Thanks Dane! The new issue of Mosaic Art Now is available through their website, just follow the links above.

  7. LOL, I can not believe it is ONLY $15!! I'm just finishing a quick blog about it to spread the word.

    I read about Clay Ending and Emma's process OMG is all I can say. Inspiring!


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