03 September 2010

On set and out of character: scenes from Mad Men

My great friend David Nolan (who's an occasional contributor around here) sent me some photos yesterday. They appeared in Rolling Stone, no wonder I missed them. Anyhow, they made me laugh and though they'd be a great kick off to a holiday weekend. It's a holiday in the US at any rate. Look for a screechy, pro-labor Labor Day post on Monday. In the meantime, Here's John Hamm checking his iPhone 4 between takes.

And here are Aaron Staton and Rich Sommer, who play Ken Cosgrove and Harry Crane, checking out Aaron's Mac Book.

Christina Hendricks, as Joan, hits her mark.

A creative meeting loses some of its Mad Men panache when you can see the cameras.

For three years running, Sunday nights have been the highlight of my week. So long as Mad Men's in season that is.



    Don't break the magic - DON'T BREAK THE MAGIC!

  2. I love that the photos are in black and white. It makes the whole thing more surreal.

  3. It is sort of like seeing a Disney princess on a smoke break. Love the photos.


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