08 September 2010

Computer furniture redefined

Creede Fitch ran a post on Grass Roots Modern yesterday that made me stop in my tracks.

In a world where something that looks like this passes for a typical home office,

via Flickr

imagine the room you could create around this Mid-Century-inspired PC.

As stunning as it is on the the front end, on the back end it's all business.

This PC was designed and built by the amazing Jeffrey Stephenson. Stephenson is a computer designer and innovator and his work is beyond incredible. Here's some other highlights from his website.

Look through his entire collection. It's great that somebody out there is thinking like this. Apple eat your heart out.


  1. Wow, that is some seriously fabulous stuff! Reminds me of the old set up that my grandparents had in their livingroom with the tv/stereo/record player in it. I can't help but wonder how hard it is to work on a computer like that though because it looks all built in. I'd hate to have to take a whole piece of furniture to the computer shop.

  2. Apparently, the computers are still in a steel case and they just slide in and out of the wooden furniture for lack of a better word.

  3. They are awsome that's why I still keep and old radio , they are so decorative ... very nostalgic

  4. Amazing, creative and genius! -Brenda-
    (P.S: My very first computer was an IBM Aptiva which I consider was kind of hybrid of a desktop and a laptop. The keyboard was separate but the accessories were built into the monitor and its CPU was about 4" x 5" x 2" in size (at the most.))

  5. What an absolutely, 2000% terrific idea! It very much reminds me of the old Philco radio I used to lie in front of as a kid. We didn't get a TV until I was in the 4th grade, which means I got in on the tail end of radio. I used to listen to Sky King, X-1 (a science fiction show), and Fibber McGee and Molly. There were others, but that's all that stayed in the old memory banks. But I remember that wooden cabinet. I cannot tell you what a surprise it was to find out as an adult that the cabinet was really not much more than that. The actual radio needed only a fraction of the space! But it was a glorious piece of furniture.

  6. That's the very reason I like these things so much. The cabinetry's beautiful for beauty's sake alone.


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