15 September 2010

Hansgrohe adds to their collection of water-saving showers

Hansgrohe just added two new shower models to their stable of water-saving showers. Interestingly enough, Hansgrohe figured out a way to inject air into the water stream of a shower and when the air and water are mixed in a 3:1 ratio, the volume of the spray doesn't decrease but the amount of water used drops by anywhere from 20 to 36%.

The whole process is pretty slick and as you can see in this illustration of a Raindance AIR shower, Air gets pulled into the face of the shower.

Once the air's inside of the shower, the air gets mixed with water behind of face of the shower. The pressure from the water supply then shoots everything out of the face of the shower in a consistent stream. The method of air injection Hansgrohe uses actually increases the water droplet size as it's using less water. The result is a more drenching shower.

Hansgrohe how has two new additions to their collection of air injected showers. The first is the Chroma Green, a transitional style. Here it is in the handheld version:

And here it is as a wall-mount:

The second is the Raindance Air. Here's it is as a handheld:

And here it is as a wall-mount.

These new showers from Hansgrohe will allow you to use less water, save more money and still enjoy a good shower.

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