03 September 2010

Bad taste never seems to go out of style

Fiorentino, the people who brought us the lacy floor lamps last week, has some companion pieces in their new offerings.

Their Leonardo collection features an array of tufted tuffets, poufs and other things to trip over. They are available in white tufted leather, black tufted leather and most classy of all, gold tufted pleather. All of which come laden with Swarovski crystals and the occasional lion's foot.

Lovely. But there's more.

Now that I can see this whole thing set up with one of those lacy floor lamps I am beginning to see something.

Are we poised for an I Dream of Jeannie revival?


  1. I'm getting flashbacks to Lifestyles of the Rich and Tasteless, or whatever that show was called.

  2. I feel like I'm inside of I Dream of Jeannie's bottle. Really.

  3. Can't believe you found this stuff! Very retro ugly! I don't think even Jeannie's bottle would have accepted this stuff. Yuk!

  4. Holy gods.. that is some seriously ugly crap! Why do people insist on making things like that? Is it to make items that're only *somewhat* ugly look great?

  5. Thanks Patricia, I wonder how Jeannie would deal with it too.

    Nim: So long as there's a Dubai, this stuff will continue to be made.


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