06 September 2010

It's another Blog Off tomorrow

Tomorrow's another Blog Off and we're counting on a pretty significant turn out. The theme is Where's Your Slice of Heaven? Here's an excerpt from the website:

Everybody it seems, has a place in mind when the topic of get aways comes up. Where’s your slice of heaven?
After the last Blog Off, we thought it might be fun to lighten up the mood a bit by talking about perfect places. So where’s your heaven? What’s the best and most interesting place you’ve ever been? What’s the place that fills your day dreams, even if it’s somewhere you’ve never been?

What do you look for in a location? Do you go to a secluded beach and read? Do you head for the mountains and ride the trails? Do you take in the sights and sounds of a world capital? Or is it in your very own back yard? What’s the appeal of your perfect place and why aren’t you there now? Or are you? Join in with us and Blog Off!

My slice of heaven is illustrated by a story that happened on this very spot in the spring of 2000. I'm awarding bonus points to anybody who can guess this location. Hint: it's not one of my usual haunts.

Stumped, it's no big deal I'm sure you have a slice of heaven of your own. If you're a blogger, why not write about it? You'll be part of a growing phenomenon as bloggers start to arrange themselves into networks and give new perspectives on the same theme. There's more information and a registration form on the Let's Blog Off website.


  1. Hmm... I'm guessing Monterosso. No, wait, the mountains are too small. Caribbean--Southern Caribbean?

  2. I am guessing Cat Island. Or are there no mountains there?
    Only because of your post about it. It sounded like you shange-ra-la. (spelling?)

  3. Zoe: You are close with your second guess.

    Sue: No mountains in Cat Islands or anywhere int he Bahamas. You need to be further south in the Caribbean, everything from Hispaniola southward is volcanic and mountainous.

  4. That's gotta be St. Georges in Grenada. A very quaint and lush spot for the Caribbean.

  5. Were you listening to me on Twitter today or did you really guess the spot? Grenada's an amazing, beautiful country indeed.

  6. Paul, if you double click the photo its got a label "StGeorgesGranada"...

  7. Remind me to stop labeling photos...


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